No, it’s not a fastball, curveball, or changeup. The pitch is the one you are reading. It’s an elevator pitch. It’s right to the point. It’s about the choices you make in the pursuit of a baseball career. Baseball players have the right to enjoy themselves. How much they do that depends on how well they master the game. A lot depends on their choices. The path to success is different for everybody. It usually starts at home in your neighborhood and then the rest is actually up to you. You may feel like you are trapped at times but you always have choices.

First Floor: (#Daddyball, #heycan'twejusthavefun? #howcomeIdon'tgettoplayshortstop) Many players have most of their choices made for them until they figure out how it works. You grow up in a baseball "territory". Your choices and decisions are limited. You ASSUME they are your only choices. This mentality brings both joy and pain to many players. The path through grade school, middle school and high school only works for the most talented and a few survivors. Many players are simply part of a supporting cast. If you don’t get enough quality training and playing time, you don’t get the chance to realize your potential.

Far too many careers die because people get stuck in the elevator on the first floor.  No food or water for your career. You cannot survive or thrive on crumbs alone. If you ASSUME you're on the right floor and you're content to do what you're told by people you ASSUME are the authorities, your career length and relevance will be dictated simply by where you live. You don't need to read any further. Someone else owns you. If playing with your friends is your top priority, you as well, do not need to read any further.)

Second Floor: (#Politics, #Mayhem, #Arewehavingfunyet?) The politics start early and the unfairness is a given. Some start with two strikes against you. If you are complaining about politics, chances are you're ignoring the real problem: you are simply not good enough and you aren't in an environment that's going to make you any better. Why? You assume you have limited choices, while in fact; the ability to get creative and take control of your experience is always an option. When you make yourself undeniable, your opportunities are limitless- but the longer you wait, the harder it is to catch up. There are no shortcuts to success. There is no way to get wasted time back.

Third Floor: (#Misinformation, #gimmicks #Toomanyopinions) The baseball world is a fractured environment. It relies mostly on “conventional wisdom.” That’s the stuff you have heard so many times, you believe it to be true. Unfortunately, most of the time you cannot get two coaches to agree on anything because everyone wants to be right. This is part of the problem. You cannot see the difference between the imposters and world-class trainers. Every copycat wants to be able to offer a velocity program even if they are unqualified. This is how players get hurt. The "anybody can do this mentality" is dangerous. There’s a reason why the greatest athletes choose the NPA. It’s the safest way to become the best. All programs are not created equal.

Fourth Floor: (#abetterway, #deeptraining, #certifiedcoaches) The best coaching comes from those who dedicate themselves to providing authentic, scientifically proven, medically defendable protocols. At All American, our staff specializes in identifying player’s weakest links. We teach players how to fix their weakest links, which allows them to reach their genetic potential. Players who participate in our programs frequently tell us how they never realized how much time they wasted before working with us.

Fifth Floor: (#sciencebased, #bestcoachesintheunitedstatesperiod) We are affiliates of the National Pitching Association (NPA) and are the only coaches certified to train rotational athletes with NPA protocols. Every athlete receives the same testing, evaluation and individualized training as our superstars. Our protocols apply to all rotational athletes and we have the cutting edge research, technology and track record to prove it. NPA alumni are MLB Hall of Fame players and NFL quarterbacks.

Sixth Floor: (#Aprocesswithsolutions) Stop being told what you have to do and start doing what you need to do. We teach every player how to improve their mechanical efficiency. Biomechanics require patterning by the player and the biggest obstacle to that end is the lack of early training or the “misinformation” they continually receive until it’s too late.

Seventh Floor: (#Ahealthyapproach) Functional strength is one of the most important areas we address. A lack of strength in critical areas of the body puts the athlete at risk of injury. By improving functional strength, athletes become healthier and their ability to: throw harder, hit the ball farther and run faster improves. We have the best research and Our Hall of Fame pitchers and NFL quarterbacks all agree. The NPA protocols are the best training available anywhere.

Look Familiar?

Eighth Floor: (#Realfoodforthought) Nutrition is the fuel that propels the athlete. The choices you make in what you put into your body and when, makes a huge impact on growth and performance. We teach athletes how to prepare, compete and repair to keep their bodies functioning at the highest level of competition throughout the season.

Ninth Floor: (#Positivethinkingandvisualization, #Attitudeisadecision) Mental and emotional management determines how well a player will perform and how far they will go. We address the areas each player must understand and employ in their quest. If you are not improving every day, your opportunities to play at the next level will evaporate.

Tenth Floor: (Ding, the doors open. The ride is over) Private lessons, personal trainers, pitching and hitting coaches, camps and clinics are all small windows of opportunity to hear ideas and opinions from “many” different voices. We provide one scientifically researched, medically defendable approach to give you the complete package you need to accelerate your development as an athlete. You will not get this from your neighborhood recreational, travel or school coach. It is not their job to help you realize your full potential. It is your job! Our job is to show you how to do it! That’s the pitch. It’s right down the middle for a strike. You will either find a way to do it, or find an excuse. It’s up to you. You can watch it sail by for a called third strike or crush it out of the park. Take advantage of the opportunity. Call us at 215-672-7500

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