Most players have a great desire to elevate their game. Who doesn’t want to throw 90 M.P.H. and drop bombs? All players aren’t alike so a “one size fits all approach” only works for a very small percentage of players. The biggest complaint we hear from high school players year after year is that they are compelled to participate in a “generic” "voluntary" off-season training program with their team and they feel like they are running on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. (But is that what ELITE ATHLETES do?) If he decides not to participate, that may work against him in the spring. If he plays another sport, he may get a pass but will still have to make the team. At the most critical time of the year, when champions are made, he finds himself putting in “face time” rotating between stations, following instructions and in many cases just standing around.

“Go throw a bullpen.” “Get in the cage and take 10 swings.” “Go field groundballs.” “Atta boy, good job!” Does that sound familiar? He's no better at the end than when he started. He's stuck on a hamster wheel- going nowhere! You should not expect much more from that environment. Does your son have an older player in front of him at his position? If he had to compete with that kid right now would he win the job?

Your coach’s job is to win games. His job is not to provide personal development. He selects the best players in his opinion (coupled with any political favorswink). Quality player development involves a much deeper commitment and understanding. It also requires a lot of time. If your son has aspirations of playing at the next level, he needs to do the NPA Velocity Program.

Only HE can make the brave decision to hop off the hamster wheel and work a process designed according to his immediate needs. The difference is profound. For over thirty years, the National Pitching Association has been conducting scientific research to accelerate player development while making players healthier. There are multiple benefits to testing players to find their weakest links and fix them. They will become healthier, prevent injuries, perform at a higher level. 

There is a reason why the best rotational athletes in the country work with us. The NPA is the Gold Standard. We have the data, the research and the record of accomplishments to justify that claim. Year after year, our players do the NPA Velocity Program and exceed their expectations. They can see and feel it for themselves.


Individual Customized Program. (ICP) - Each player will receive: their own Individual Customized Program. (ICP)

It includes a S.T.A.T. Evaluation:

  • Screening for Weak Links
  • Testing for Point in Time Velocity Capacity
  • Assessing for Efficiency of Movement, Strength, and Flexibility
  • Training for Efficient Movement, Muscle Balance, Velocity, and Neuro-Muscular Speed Thresholds 


  • This feature alone is a priceless addition to the program. Players will be able to see their visualizations from all angles and receive a written report based on their results.

A Biomechanical Strength and Mobility Program

  • The other 4 days of the week he can take care of his deficiencies

A full body assessment with corrective exercises

  • Identifying the problem is 50% of the solution

Pre-program testing

  • We establish a base for you to measure your progress.

Mid-Program Testing

  • Your results will allow us to create the next phase of your program

A Second Phase revised Individual Customized Program (ICP)

An individualized Weight Lifting Program

  • In addition to the NPA Velocity Program, we will create a personalized lifting program designed to address your specific needs.

Post Program Testing:

  • This will enable us to prepare your In-season program. 

An in-season Maintenance Program - designed to maintain your gains and help you prepare, compete 

         and repair throughout the season.

A Velocity Bat Speed Program - to increase your exit velocity speed to drive the ball harder and farther.

Topics covered will include:

  • Bio Mechanics
  • Functional Strength
  • Nutrition
  • Mental and Emotional Management

Think about it… that is a heck of a lot more than you will get in a voluntary off-season program.

When your son completes the NPA Velocity Program 2 things will happen.

First: he will be on a constructive path to stay healthy with a medically defendable process (instead of conventional wisdom, which contributes greatly to the current epidemic of injuries and chronic arm pain) he will have an actual “process” to maintain the gains he has made while his teammates continue to run in place on the hamster wheel. 

Second: the next thing that he, you and everyone else should notice is that he will be throwing the ball harder, moving more efficiently and hitting the ball farther than he ever has! Other parents and maybe even the coach himself, will ask "What did he do?" Friends and teammates are going to ask him what he did to transform himself. They will want to do it too. (Please send them our waywink ) Local sportswriters will start mentioning his name in their articles. He will finally get closer to that “relevance” and respect everyone seeks as a serious ballplayer. College coaches may eventually start noticing him, as well!

Program Details:

The program has an open window of 18 weeks to complete the program. During that time, he can do a 9-week version of the program or if he has enough time, a 12-week version. (His choice!) The program meets three times per week. Each session lasts one and a half to 2 hours.


 Introducing our (age appropriate) 9 week program for 12U players

This is a great opportunity for our younger players. We introduce them to the NPA protocols they will use throughout their careers. This program is age appropriate and designed for each individual player.

A Word of Advice

Your son is no good to his team sitting on the bench. Your son is no good to his team if arm pain is limiting his innings, Arm pain is not natural or expected. All the ice in the world isn't going to fix the damage he's causing frown. Help him reach his potential and improve enough to play at the next level. This program is the best investment you can make for his future. Year after year, our players improve and return for more. We also work with college players and professional players. They can see that the quality of the program is exceptional. Playing at a higher level does not mean the quality of the training is better. Survival depends on a high level of preparation. Our job is to train him to prolong his career by being his own best coach.

Time is of the essence

The greatest regret nearly all of our participants have is that they did not start working with the NPA program sooner in their careers! In order to be in the top 6% of players who move on from high school baseball to college. You simply cannot stay the course of everyone else and just HOPE it happens for you. Making it happen is YOUR responsibility. It is a matter of choice, not chance. If you think you can't afford to do this training just think about the players who are on the injured list because they settled for the conventional wisdom that you get for free. The NPA is the choice of the top athletes in the country. They can train with anybody. They select us because we are the best, period.

Hall of Fame pitchers, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and other MLB players like Cole Hamels, Madison Bumgarner and Jon Lester choose to work with the NPA.

Quartherbacks: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Carson Palmer, Blake Bortels, Matt Cassel Patrick Mahommes and many more chose the NPA.

Numerous golfers including Phil Mickelson, who defeated Tiger Woods in a one on one match to win nine million dollars worked with Tom House to help him win the match.

Our players receive the exact same protocols as our world class athletes because the research and science applies to all rotational athletes. 

Enrollment for this program is on a rolling basis and spots in the program are limited. Choose to help him reach his potential.



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