Great coaches understand a player's strengths and weaknesses, Through experience, they can sense what each player is capable of achieving and how to get them to meet or exceed their expectations.. They emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, and the value of teamwork. A great coach also helps players strike a balance between hard work and having fun. At All American our goal is: to inform, instruct and inspire you to reach and exceed your goals. . 

Sam Wernick

Graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Kutztown University and Masters Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a former Assistant Professor and Department Chairman at NCC,  Sam has been the President of Wernick Productions Inc., a marketing company, since 1975 and has been an MLB Scout for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club for over 10 years. He is an owner, Academy founder and General Manager of The All American Baseball Academy since 1998. He is a Coach of Team All American and the Academy "STARS" Showcase Tournament Teams, and has coached at the Collegiate and Semi-Pro level. Sam has been a Certified NPA (National Pitching Association) Biomechanics, Functional Strength and Nutrition Coach and a Certified NPA EAST Affiliate. He is also a National pitching, Associate Coach and a Certfied "Biomechanics Specialist" with the National Excersise and Sports Trainers Association. He coordinates Academy programs, events, showcases, tournaments, camps and clinics throughout the year. He also works individually with professional prospects, Academy members and parents throughout the college recruiting process. Sam is the inventor/designer and manufacturer of the innovative 3DKZONE, a training device for pitchers and umpires. Since 1998 the Academy staff has produced ov er 450 Academy alumni, who have moved on to play at the collegiate and professional level.

 Tom House and Josh Wernick

Josh Wernick

Graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Business Administration and Legal Studies from Temple University and attended Widener School of Law.

A former Division I scholarship player at Temple University, Josh has been a coach of the STARS Academy teams since 2004. He has been with the Academy since it opened in 1998 and is a "Charter Member" of the Academy Hall of Fame.

As a varsity high school player he was selected to the "Suburban One All League Team", "The Doylestown Intelligencer All Intel Team." He was a team captain of his high school team and also a member of the "Carpenter Cup Team" in 2002. He won a Gold Medal in the Keystone State Games in 2000.

In 2002 Josh was ranked the #2 player in the state of Pennsylvania and #149 nationally by "Baseball America Magazine" and Perfect Game." He was also selected as an "Elite Top Prospect" by "Collegiate Baseball Magazine" twice, in 2001 and 2002.

Josh has played in collegiate baseball leagues and semi-professional leagues where he has won League MVP and Cy Young Awards for both hitting and pitching.  He provides instruction in hitting, pitching, throwing and fielding. Josh is the current Head Coach of our Team All American Showcase Team. He is a Certified NPA (National Pitching Association) Biomechanics, Functional Strength and Nutrition Coach. He is also an National Pitching Associate Coach and a Certfied "Biomechanics Specialist" with the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association.

As a coach, Josh has developed hundreds of college baseball/softball commits, dozens of 90 MPH+ throwers and multiple MLB draft picks.

Josh is also involved in player development, strength and conditioning, speed and quickness programs, college recruiting and IT Management for the Academy. 


"Sounds like a club that anyone can join, get an ID card and a window decal, right? But in fact, it’s one of the most respected and advanced rotational athlete training programs in the world for: baseball, softball, football, and golf.  This association is led by Tom House PhD, and his highly trained directors and coaches around the country.

What started as a baseball training organization, transitioned into other rotational sports as the research showed that movements and energy creation were very similar.  Success with big name QB’s in the NFL has drawn most of the recent attention to the NPA and Tom House, but our work in baseball is just as relevant and impactful.

Let me tell you about our founder, Tom House. Get comfortable, maybe grab a snack and some hydration, the credential list is long!

  • Four Degrees – BS, MBA, MS, PhD
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – ABCA, 1998
  • James Andrews Award for Excellence in Baseball Sports Medicine, 2004
  • Board of Advisors – Titleist Golf Performance Institute, 2004- Present
  • MLB Pitcher – Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Mariners, 1967-1979
  • Coach/Scouting – Houston Astros and San Diego Padres, 1980-1985
  • MLB Pitching Coach – Texas Rangers, 1985-1992
  • University of Southern California – Pitching Coach, 2007-2011
  • CEO/Founder of 7 companies
  • Member – Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology
  • Member – American College of Sports Medicine
  • 7 books Authored
  • 9 books Co-authored
  • 30 Instructional DVD’s
  • Consultant/Portrayed – Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” movie
  • 20 – Authored/Co-authored studies, journals, and publications

Hear what Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan and others have to say about Tom House.  Watch the The Throwing Doctor.

Ok, grab that snack and hydrate, gather your focus, stay with me… here’s what we’ve done that has earned us the right to claim the National Pitching Association as “the most advanced and complete rotational athlete training organization in the world”.

  • 30 + years of evolving health first information and instruction.
  • Research is always ongoing, new measurables and patents being filed presently.
  • IRB Certified (Independent Review Board)
  • Science based, measurable, defendable
  • No one has done more 3D motion capture across multiple sports.
  • 30 highly trained Area Directors/Associate Coaches across the country
  • Hands on training with 5000+ Athletes per year
  • 700+ MLB pitchers trained (2 Hall of Fame, 3 Future Hall of Fame players)
  • 70+ NFL QB’s trained (1 Hall of Fame, 2 Future Hall of Fame players)
  • 1500+ PGA/LPGA athletes trained

Those stats are elite and advanced. So how about the most complete? The NPA has the most all-encompassing program in sports:

  • Biomechanical Training – Many use that term, but few have done the 1000’s of 3D motion capture to know the science. Biomechanics can not be an opinion.
  • Functional Strength Training – Strength training must be “cross specific” to the action to be functional. It must be a balance of acceleration and deceleration muscle development and speed threshold training. Mobility and flexibility, with stable range of motion, must be maintained with strength training.
  • Nutrition – We teach our athletes proper diet and hydration guidelines, to promote sustained energy and faster recovery.
  • Mental/Emotional – We use many techniques, unique to the NPA, to help athletes manage the mental and emotional stress of competing.
    • Focus Band™
    • Positive Thinking training
    • STAR Profiles
  • Capacity Testing – Identifies an athlete’s safe velocity capacity, and any functional strength/speed threshold weak links, by body segment.
  • Vector Efficiency Index – testing can assess and calculate loss of energy for any inappropriate body movement and establish and index of energy production efficiency for any athlete.

If you hold up your index finger… that’s how many other private organizations have the same experience and advanced training process as the NPA. "(3DQB is that organization and it was also created by Tom House.)

"Here’s the best part, you don’t have to be an elite pro athlete to receive the same training.  Everything is available to any athlete regardless of age, level of play, or ability. We give our youngest athletes the same training protocols as we give our elite pro athletes, suitable to their window of trainability."



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