It's true. Your timing is everything. Players come to us at all ages and experience has shown us that the sooner you pursue your quest, with the programming that works the best, the sooner you will become the best.

We have dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we can, in every way possible, to bring you the most authentic teaching and coaching experience possible. You can do it the hard way or you can choose to be mentored by people who never stop learning new and innovative techniques to make you healthier so that you can perform better and have a longer successful career.

This is what we do 24/7/365. This is our day job. We don’t do this as a sideline activity. We work with the best organizations in the United States to learn from the best to bring you the best. We care about our players more than about bringing home trophies. Our success stories are the players on our alumni page and those who will come after them. Players have to learn the things that they did not get along the way from volunteers and well-meaning mentors who unselfishly sacrificed their time to develop the players in their communities on local and school teams. We don’t want to hear about politics. We just don’t have the time for the debriefing of every childhood. There is far too much to catch up that was never addressed. We need to use time wisely.

Like everything else, the sport of baseball continues to benefit from technology, scientific research and medical research. We have the proven protocols designed to make players stronger and more athletic. From the time you first picked up a baseball you have been programming your central nervous system how to perform. Done correctly, that programming starts you on a process of learning to learn, learning and then relearning how to refine what you learned to polish your skills to the highest level.


Listen closely! These words apply to everyone. This process takes time. The earlier you start, the better it works. Every inch you grow and every pound you gain will force you to adapt. This process is a never ending process of adaptation. Our task, our job, is to "inform, instruct and inspire" you to do it the best way possible. The time we have to work with you is finite, It is limited. As you get older your available time becomes smaller and it goes faster. Some players come to us with many years of experience and just a small amount of time left to maximize their window of opportunity. If one thing is certain it is this - " there is no magic pill.” For those of you who start with us when you are ten to twelve years old, you have an advantage. You are at the maximum window of trainability, not just athletically, but in every way. Those of you who have years of experience may have to flush out some of the bad habits before the improved skillsets kick in.

We know how to accelerate the learning process and players have transformed themselves in a matter of months. However, we are not miracle workers when it comes to developing talent. If you are not performing at a competitive level and you come to us with a few months left in your high school career and expect us to help you get drafted or recruited by a college team, then you have may have unrealistic expectations. If the way you used your time has not produced the results you want, then you need a "plan B". If you make your local team and you never play or get no significant personal training, then you need a "plan B". If you are on your high school team and expect to simply get better without a guided process and rarely play or do not stand out competitively then you need a "plan B".

Desperation sets in when you start running out of time. Players press when things don’t go their way, on their terms. Don’t allow yourself get into that position. How do you do that? Every action you take is a decision. If you decide to commit to any endeavor you need to ask yourself whether it’s the best thing you can do at that time. Every team you choose to join, every camp you decide to attend, every trainer you work with is an investment of your time and time is your most valuable commodity. Your metrics, that is the numbers you produce when you run, when you throw, when you hit and when you field, define you. If your numbers aren't projectable then showcases are not a good choice. The best investment you can make is training with the best coaches in the United States. National Pitching is the Gold Standard and we have the track record to prove it.

You need to be ahead of the process at all times. It doesn’t happen by chance it happens by choice. It doesn’t work when politics open a door and you can’t take advantage of the opportunity. There is no substitute for preparation. If you have done everything possible to be the best, you can focus on your performance and have no regrets.

When it comes to player development the All American Baseball Academy has established a great reputation. Our affiliation with the National Pitching Association helps to keep us at the forefront of scientific reseach and technological advances. Our players keep coming back because they know that we never stop learning how to do it better. This is an evolutionary process. You can’t lock in information and decide that it is the best forever. It doesn’t work that way. Get a jump on the competition and start training with us as soon as possible so that we can help you exceed your expectation as soon as possible.


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