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Learn how to get stronger, throw faster and swing harder. We have a health first, performance second approach and evolving research shows it works better than anyone could have imagined. Our programs and training are for those who want to be the best. Throughout the year we run camps, clinics and personalized programs designed to provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. Every player goes through an initial screening to identify their weakest links to determine if they are at risk of injury. Our Peak Performance Camps run in the mornings during the summer months. The NPA East Total Body Velocity Program is a year round program with both off-season and in-season sessions. High speed motion analysis is available year round and enable our players to fully understand how to improve their biomechanical efficiency. Participants who play for our showcase teams are monitored during games. Point in Time Velocity Capacity Screenings are available to give the player a snapshot in time of their strengths, weaknesses as well as genetic potential. Throwing Combines are also scheduled periodically on weekends throughout the year.

A combination of biomechanics, functional strength, nutrition and mental and emotional management are the keys to reaching your genetic potential. Both professional and college teams teams have embraced this training and they are getting amazing results. Examine the pages on this site to get a better understanding of the evolving research coming from the National Pitching Association. View the video and learn more about Dr. Tom House, Watch the HBO Special on an unlikely pitcher to reach the major league and learn how this program affected his career and learn  how Parents and family can be an integral part of the process. Our Success Stories are an indication of how well our training works. Our most recent players are listed with a few words describing their results.

A word of caution! Beware of programs advertised to do what we do. The NPA training is the only training backed by medical research and endorsed by an Independent Review Board (IRB) comprised of orthopedic surgeons, medical doctors, research scientists and hall of fame athletes. We are the best at what we do and our results speak for themselves. 

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